When you cast and strip big flies on big water, wouldn't you like to get a little more distance and stop cutting a groove into your stripping finger?

STRIPPING GUARDS are durable Lycra finger sleeves that fit like skin. Wear one on your stripping finger and the first and third finger of your line hand, or simply experiment with what works best for you.

STRIPPING GUARDS reduce fly line friction over wet hands so much that you can expect longer, smoother casts, and you will eliminate stripping cuts altogether. This is especially useful in large rivers and in salt water.

You can push the
STRIPPING GUARDS down to the base of your hand when changing flies and just pull them back up for casting. They stay comfortably and firmly in place all day long, and unless you look, you will never know they are on your fingers.

STRIPPING GUARDS are packaged in a convenient reusable storage box.

"Peterson's Stripping Guards have been on the market for a couple of years, and I have personally been using them for as long as they have been available. The Lycra sleeve slips easily onto your stripping finger(s) and line-handling fingers, to prevent line burns from stripping in fly line or shooting line. They also prevent cuts from running line and backing, as it screams out with a hard-running fish or is cranked back. Most of us "finger" the line as we are playing fish, and the Stripping Guard is superb at preventing line cuts as a result. They also help keep shooting lines clean and wet, which means less tangling; and, you'll actually catch more fish, since you'll never get one of those "dry-line-burns" on the first pull after a long cast and countdown. How many times have you stopped your retrieve instantly because the shooting line burned your finger. That momentary stop could have turned an interested fish completely off. I've gotten so used to using Stripping Guards, that if I forget to put them on, I feel about as odd as if I were fishing naked. Once you get used to them, you'll never want to be without them. They've got it over tape like a tent! Stripping Guards are Hot!" ~Dan Blanton

"Dear Gary,
I received my first order of STRIPPING GUARDS just in time for my trip to Rhode Island. I was hesitant to use them at first but after my first few casts to a school of stripers, I stripped a cut right into my finger. I took out the small box of STRIPPING GUARDS and put them on my fingers. The line casted a lot smoother with very little friction and even the finger that had previously been sliced was protected from further damage. They helped turn a potentially painful day into wonderful memory. Now all I need is a thumb guard to prevent cuts in my thumb from holding up all of these striped bass. Great product - Thanks again. ~David Swain

Use of Stripping Guards -evidenced on the cover of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters magazine:

Gary—We would like to order 50 boxes of stripping guards, please.  Your stripping guards have proven to be invaluable in our fishing.  We love fishing the Sharkskin lines, but they require some form of protection for the stripping finger.  We’ve tried several different guards, but yours is, by far, the best.  It provides the necessary protection without excess bulk, so casting is unbothered, which is critical to us.  Thanks for such a great product…Larry

Bob Brooks with a nice Red

Ed Moses - Lenok Trout from Mongolia River

Ed Moses - Taimen from Mongolia River

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